Angular vs Vue.js vs React

Choosing a framework can be a tough task - depending on the product you want to build, the needs and functionality required can vary drastically and so it can make it harder for you to decide .

28 September 2021

Which of these frameworks will be the most suitable for your project?

When the framework meets all the project requirements, then your platform will run very smoothly, but if you choose it in a hurry, it can make your project difficult and in some cases even compromise performance and security.

What is Angular?

Angular is a platform based on Typescript programming language, aimed at creating scalable web applications. It contains enourmus database of libraries, functions and tools required for work on advanced projects - sized from "single-programmer-page" to corporational standard of websites.

Furthermore, Angular is being constantly updated by its well-renowned developer team in Google.

  • Angular best fits in advanced and continously growing projects, that are capable of using its full potential.

  • Angular is a good choice, if you are willing to sacrifice some time to learn TypeScript.

What is React?

React.js library was created by a highly experienced team responsible for Facebook. As soon as application started working, it was clear that it's neccessary to find a resolution capable of building dynamic interfaces, without losing its functionality.

What is quite interesting is that React primary target was to use it only within the company.

  • React suits best projects that aim for simple front-end, but at the same time with the ambition to scale to the highest possible level.

  • React is a perfect choice, if you want to learn one of the most popular frameworks in almost no time due to its code simplicity.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is JavaScript framework, used for building dynamic user interfaces and one-page projects. It is built for creating advanced websites, as well as mobile applications.

Vue was invented by a former Google employee, Evan You.

  • Vue.js best advantage is its performance, if you want your project to perform as fast as possible, Vue.js is your bet.

  • Vue.js is begginer-friendly with its simple structure. You can learn new technologies and get, as for now, rare qualifications.


Each framework has its pros and cons, below is a comparison of some of them.

The most popular enterprises that use mentioned frameworks:

The structures selected in the list are used by many popular companies for good reason.


Due to each of these frameworks having its own advantages and disadvantages, choosing one is really a matter of your own preferences, best decided after considering few issues, which are:

  • The type of project we want to use a given structure for.

  • The amount of time we plan to devote to learning the knowledge necessary for effective coding.

  • A liking for the technology and solutions of a given platform.

Therefore, it is ultimately difficult to conclude which of the mentioned Frameworks is the "best" choice. It is an individual decision to be made by any person concerned with this issue.

If you have enough time, I think it is best to try everything yourself and judge based on your own experience 😄