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20 February 2019

Digital Marketing Tools

He has been working in marketing for 5 years. During this time, many, more or less functional tools have been passed through my hands to facilitate the work. I am not talking about obvious tools such as Gmail, Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc., but about those without which you can survive ... but why?

Here is my subjective list of tools that fell into my hands and which I tested, along with a comment whether it was worth it. :)

Scheduling tasks and time

Regardless of whether we work in a team or alone, an ordered list of tasks saves a huge amount of time.

Personally, I started with the todoist application and I do not hide that I liked using it. A very simple, transparent and functional application to manage tasks. I created letters with company and private tasks in it. It was good to have everything in one place! At the beginning I recommend. Sometimes I would gladly come back to it :)

Unfortunately, the todoist gets excited about managing larger projects. That's why I switched to teamwork in PLEO.

is a fairly extensive application that gives a huge amount of functionality. Here are a few of them:

  • measuring the time that I devote to specific tasks (and this is not about my productivity or control, but maybe also :) but mainly about analyzing in terms of the subsequent creation of valuations),
  • the function of sending all files,
  • adding comments,
  • calendar preview,

and many others. It's worth checking for your favorite options.

Google Calendar is a fairly obvious tool in which most of us plan our time. However, if you limit yourself to a few basic functions, it's time to change!

What I love about Google Calendar is the ability to invite selected employees and clients to meetings / events. Google automatically reminds me of appointments for which I am, very grateful to him :)

What's more, Google is integrated with applications such as Booking, thanks to which all my outgoing plans automatically enter the calendar. A great option for everyone who does not have memory for dates.

In addition, creating several calendars in one space, eg for separate projects, made available to selected people perfectly organizes time, plans and goals. Thanks to Google!

Planning and publishing in Social Media

It is known, it is possible to plan entries directly on Facebook, so why for who external application? No problem when we limit ourselves to Facebook, but if Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. are involved, it's good to have content in one place. In this case, I have repeatedly researched the available tools, and unfortunately none of the found fully met my expectations.

The least imperfect at this moment is hootsuite, but he also has his drawbacks. For example, a very outdated website layout, which I feel has not changed for years. And the disadvantage, which recently hurts me much more, is the lack of the possibility of adding several photos as part of one entry on Instagram, even though this functionality was new in 2017.

Recently, for several months I tested postfity, which I initially loved for a clear and simple interface. Unfortunately, something happened that should never happen on this type of application. Facebook has taken away the opportunity to publish scheduled posts. I do not know how the situation now looks, then in the communications they talked about conducting talks in this matter. From what I read was about the spamming nature of the application, incompatible with the Facebook policy. At that time, similar applications worked invariably. What's more, on Instagram you could publish :) A strange matter and a nightmare for someone who plans entries even a month ahead for several company profiles. Of course, I abandoned postfity and apologized to the ugly but reliable Hootsuite.

A tool that saves everyone who has never had anything to do with graphic design but would like to create nice entries. Canva is an application for simple online design. I do not use it anymore, but my first 3 years of running business accounts was based on it and I remember it very well. Canva gives us a huge base of ready-made templates, which everyone can easily take advantage of. A very intuitive and simple tool. I recommend absolutely everyone!


Instagram that everyone can see and even though I strongly prefer to publish entries in real time on this medium, some projects require a more thought-out strategy. Here I can praise the tool which is iqhashtags.

Iqhastags analyzes the profile, searches for the entry / profile of hashtags, detects those who are threatening to ban, shows how many times we used specific hashtags, when the last time and interestingly detects spam profiles that observe the profile and allows their simple removal. A brilliant tool if we want to create a truly valuable community.

When is the best to publish entries? Some say in the morning, others in the afternoon and I say Prime for Instagram. It is an application that analyzes your profile and selects the hours in which the most probable is for traffic. So simple and so nice!

That's it for today.

Of course, the abovementioned possibilities of individual tools are only those that I really use or use :) I invite everyone to self-check and convince myself. Next time, I'll tell you a few tools that I'm trying to develop every day.