Gatsby Cloud

Gatsby Cloud is the best platform for implementing a project created in Gatsby.js with a content management system (CMS).

16 February 2021

What is Gatsby Cloud?

Gatsby Cloud is a cloud platform for building, developing and hosting Gatsby.js websites and applications. It is the best platform for implementing a project created in Gatsby.js with a content management system (CMS). Thanks to Gatsby Cloud, it is possible to quickly and safely deliver proven changes to the code or content of the website. It is a great help for both programmers and people who care about the content on the website.

Connection to Gatsby Cloud

Integrating a website or application with the Gatsby Cloud platform is very intuitive and requires only a few clicks. Just connect Gatsby Cloud to the project repository and then integrate the data source - quick connection is possible for the following CMS providers:

- Contentful

- Cosmic

- DatoCMS

- Sanity

It is also possible to connect with other CMS systems without automatic integration support, such as Strings, Drupal, Wordpress. There are documentation available for these CMSs, that describes how to connect Gatsby Cloud to the selected data source step by step.

Incremental build

The Gatsby Cloud platform introduces incremental compilation, which significantly speeds up website building time. Thanks to the caching system used, it is possible to rebuild only those places whose content has been changed. An example is changing the headline in one of the articles on the page - instead of rebuilding the entire website from scratch, Gatsby Cloud Incremental Builds will only rebuild what is necessary. Building with incremental builds can be up to 1000 times faster compared to existing solutions where the entire site needs to be rebuilt with even the smallest data change.

In a standard approach to building, the more pages a website has, the longer it takes to build. With the growing of the website, the waiting time for the appearance of new content on the production page increases. This also increases the irritation of people who set this content and want to check the end result. For sites with hundreds of thousands of subpages, you have to wait for rebuilding even several dozen minutes - this problem has been solved by introducing incremental build.

Real-time Preview

Real-time Preview allows you to preview content changes almost immediately, before the changes are published on the production page. Gatsby Cloud provides a temporary url - it allows an immediate and comprehensive preview of the changes made. In this way, you can adjust the content and check that the changes are visually consistent before being transferred to the production site. In other approaches, each time the content changes, it is necessary to build a page and only then can you see the changes made. This extends the uptime of both content editors and developers.


Gatsby Cloud, in cooperation with Fastly, has recently made it possible to easily host a website and connect a domain with a free TLS certificate. By combining a globally distributed network provided by Fastly with a custom infrastructure designed specifically for Gatsby, it enables page load times to be reduced to milliseconds. Thus, the fastest and most reliable way to go from the idea to the production of the page is ensured, and the speed of content delivery is further increased. The result is an even better user experience.

In addition to self-hosting, Gatsby Cloud also allows configuration with external hosting providers such as:

  • Netlify

  • Amazon S3

  • Firebase

  • Google Cloud Storage

  • Fastly

  • Vercel

  • Azure

Lighthouse integration

Gatsby Cloud also allows you to run Lighthouse reports with one click - thanks to this, we can get immediate information about the performance of the website with each integration of changes. This allows you to monitor the website or application on an ongoing basis and quickly locate and fix the causes of any performance degradation.


Gatsby Cloud is a complete end-to-end platform that includes everything you need to build a website in one place - from development, performance testing, content replenishment, incremental building in no time, to hosting. It is a complete Jamstack website builder solution. Gatsby Cloud makes building a modern website or app easier and more fun than ever - for both developers and content creators.