We are up to date with new solutions and changes on the digital market. Our team of developers will select the right tools and technologies to meet the project's requirements. We always focus on the speed and security of each implementation.


we choose the best technology for the design

The team of our developers is in the project from the very beginning. When creating a given implementation, we choose the best technology to introduce the established assumptions. Our specialists from the frontend will tell you whether it is better to choose Angular or React.js to program the web application. In the case of the website, we use the latest frontend technologies, ensuring its optimization and speed of operation. Our code is always tested and checked many times by the senior programmers. We use a commercial content management system in the project (CRAFT CMS), whose simplicity of operation facilitates the work of both our team of developers and the client.

02. testing

we work according to the SCRUM methodology

Thanks to agile programming, we have the first draft of the design to be tested very quickly. Our work is based on weekly iterations, which summarize the work and update subsequent functionalities. We work on the JIRA platform, which enables dynamic cooperation between us and the client. You can see the progress of work on an ongoing basis, and you can comment on the actions of our team of developers.

03. internet shop

we use the shoplo platform

We implement projects of any internet applications. Thanks to the wide competences of the team, we can build virtually any project. During the conversation with the client, we determine what are the needs and the most optimal ways to implement them. For most inquiries about the online store, we propose ready-made solutions that are the best solution for small and medium-sized companies. We use the Shoplo platform where we implement our clients' stores.

04. training

we organize programming trainings

Our team of developers conduct programming training that takes place in our training room in the Kraków foothills. We share our knowledge on both free and paid training. We also organize courses for companies where we train staff. For more information about our training visit the website of sister company PLEO method.