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Privacy policy

Dear User!

In the interest of ensuring the highest standard of protection of your personal data, we have prepared this Privacy Policy for you. In this document, you will find the principles on which the processing of personal data is based when using our website, as well as the method of operation of cookies. We are asking you to read this information before you start using the site.

This privacy policy takes into account the requirements set out in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC , the Act of May 10, 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data, (Journal of Laws of 2018 item 1000), and the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of electronic services (ie Dz.U. from 2017, item 1219).

The current version of the privacy policy of this website is always published at: http://www.pleodigital.com/pol...

01. Definitions

1.1. ADMINISTRATOR - means PLEO Interactive limited liability company based in Krakow, ul. Limanowskiego 36/30, 30-551 Kraków, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court for Kraków - Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000429590; Tax Identification Number: 6793084198; REGON: 122635706.

1.2. COOKIES - means IT data, especially small text files, saved and stored on devices such as phone, computer, tablet, through which you use the Website.

1.3. PERSONAL DATA - means all information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person using the Website (eg name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number or computer's IP number).

1.4. PROFILING - means the process of automatically collecting unrelated Personal Data and Processing to evaluate some of your personal factors, in particular to analyze or forecast aspects related to your personal preferences, interests, behavior or location.

1.5. PROCESSING - means an operation or set of operations performed on Personal Data in an automated or non-automated manner, such as collecting, recording, organizing, organizing, storing, adapting or modifying, downloading, browsing, using, disclosing by sending, distributing or otherwise distributing, matching or combining, limiting, deleting or destroying.

1.6. SERVICE - means the website, which is the property of the Administrator and can be found at: www.pleodigital.com

1.7. RODO - means the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC.

1.8. CONSENT - means voluntary, specific, conscious and unambiguous representation of the will, which a person whose Personal Data refers to in the form of a declaration or a clear confirmation action, allows for the processing of personal Data related to him.

02. Personal data and purposes of their processing

As an Administrator, we process your Personal Data for purposes:

2.1. Administration of the Website - for this purpose we process, to the necessary extent, Your Information on:

  • the IP address of your device;
  • server date and time;
  • Your internet browser (type and language);
  • Your operating system;
  • the resolution of your screen;

    Due to the necessity of using these Data for the existence and proper operation of the Website, the legal basis of this Processing is art. 6 par. 1 lit. f RODO, according to which the Data Processing Administrator may rely on its legitimate interest.

    2.2. Contacting electronically - to this end, we process your data to the extent necessary:

    • name and surname;
    • e-mail address;

    The data will be processed only in order to answer the questions asked via the contact form on the Website. The basis for the processing of Data is art. 6 ut 1 lit. f RODO, i.e. the legitimate interests of the Administrator in the form of communication with the Website User.

    2.3.  Analytical - to this end we process your Data to the extent necessary:

    • the date and time of your visits to the Website;
    • server date and time;
    • Your internet browser (type and language);
    • Your operating system;
    • the resolution of your screen;
    • the approximate location of your device;
    • time spent on the Website;
    • visited subpages, including subpages with contact forms;

    The purpose of Processing these Data is to study the activity of people using the Website for the purposes of its development. The legal basis for the Processing of these Personal Data will be Art. 6 par. 1 lit. f RODO, which is the legitimate interest of the Administrator.

    2.4. Use of Cookies - information on this subject can be found in a separate section of this Privacy Policy. The legal basis of the Processing is art. 6 sec. 1 lit. and RODO, that is, your voluntarily expressed Consent.

    03. The period of personal data processing

    3.1. Your Personal Data will be processed by us only for a certain period of time - depending on the type of activity that Processing and the purpose of Processing is connected to. After this period, your data will be irretrievably deleted.

    The processing period for your Personal Data is:

    • in the case of Data processed on the basis of your consent - until the consent is withdrawn or the purpose of the Process is withdrawn;
    • in the case of Data Processing on the basis of the legally justified interest of the Administrator - until you make an effective objection or achieve the purpose of processing, but not longer than 5 years, and if the Data is processed in order to contact you electronically in connection with the sending by you questions via the contact form - Data will be processed for the time necessary to answer by us, and after that - for a period of 6 months from the date of the last correspondence.
    • in the case of Data Processing for analytical purposes, the use of cookies or administration of the Website - until the data become obsolete or out of date, but not longer than for 3 years;

    04. Cookies

    4.1. The website does not automatically collect any information, except for information contained in Cookies.

    4.2. The entity placing cookies on your end device and obtaining access to them is PLEO SKILLS (hereinafter referred to as: Administrator). Cookies placed on your end device may also be used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Administrator.

    4.3. The Website uses two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on your terminal until you log out, leave the website or turn off the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on your terminal device for the time specified in Cookie files parameters or until you delete them.

    4.4. The Website uses the following types of Cookies:

    • "Necessary" cookies, enabling the use of services available on the Website, e.g. authentication cookies used for services that require authentication on the Website;
    • cookies used to ensure security, e.g. used to detect fraud in the field of authentication on the Website;
    • "Performance" cookies, enabling the collection of information on the use of Website pages;
    • "Functional" cookies, allowing "remembering" the settings selected by the User and personalizing the User's interface, eg in terms of the language or region of the User's origin, size of the font, appearance of the website, etc .;
    • "Advertising" cookies, enabling users to provide advertising content more tailored to their interests.

    4.5. Cookies are safe for your device, and in particular do not pose a risk of downloading unwanted / malicious software or viruses to your device. 

    4.6. On the Website, we use cookies for the purpose

    • maintain the session, remember the choices made by you on the Website;
    • optimize the operation of the Website to recognize your device and display the content of the Website accordingly;
    • collecting analytical data that help to find out how the Website users use it;
    • adapt the Website content to your preferences and optimize the use of the Website; in particular, these files allow you to recognize your device and properly display the content of the Website, tailored to your individual needs;

    4.7. If you do not agree to the operation of cookies, you can limit or disable the access of cookies to your device. If you use this option, the use of the Website will be possible, but we must inform you that the functions of the Website, which by their nature require cookies, will then be unavailable to you.

    4.8. Cookies can be managed in the settings of your web browser:

    • Internet Explorer - Tools / Internet Options / Privacy / Settings
    • Mozilla Firefox - Edit / Preferences / Privacy / History / will use user settings / Accept cookies
    • Google Chrome - Settings / Show advanced settings / Content settings / Cookies / Block cookies and data from third-party websites
    • Safari - Settings / Preferences / Privacy / Block cookies

    05. Analytical tools

    This Website uses Google Analytics, a tool from Google Inc. using cookies for website analysis. Information from these cookies is transferred to Google and stored by it. Google uses this data to analyze your use of the Website, to present data to the Website Administrator, as well as to provide other services related to website traffic and Internet use. Google may transfer this information to third parties if required by law or if third parties process this information on behalf of Google. Google does not link the user's IP address to any other data stored by Google. A user who does not agree to save cookies for this purpose may for this purpose change the settings in the browser used by him, however, the Website may not work properly (and in extreme cases may not work at all), when the use of cookies will be limited. The User may also prevent the transmission of Personal Data created by the Cookie file to Google by installing a plug-in for his / her browser: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=de

    The user may unsubscribe from Google's cookies on the website: www.google.pl/ads/preferences

    06. Profiling

    For marketing purposes, we profile your preferences and interests to match marketing communication to your needs. Your Personal Data in the form of preferences and interests are collected based on the legitimate interest of the Administrator (Article 6 (1) letter f) and the use of cookies and your activity on the Website. As a result of profiling you will receive displayed marketing messages regarding the services I offer that may be displayed on third party websites using tools such as Google AdWords or Facebook Pixel.

    07. User rights

    7.1. We kindly inform you that as a user of the Website you have the right to:

    • access to your personal data and receipt of copies thereof,
    • posting of your personal data when it is incorrect and to complete it;
    • requesting the removal of your personal data (right to be forgotten),
    • limitations on the processing of your data,
    • lodging a complaint to the President of the Office for the Protection of Personal Data;

    7.2. If the Data Processing is based on your Consent, you have the right to request the transfer of your personal data in a systematic format, common use, readable by a particular device, so that it can be forwarded directly to another administrator, if technically possible. You also have the right to withdraw your Consent at any time without giving reasons. Remember, however, that your withdrawal of Consent does not affect the legality of the previous Processing - all actions taken on the basis of the Consent granted by you remain legal despite its subsequent withdrawal.

    7.3. If the processing of your personal data is based on the legitimate interest of the Administrator, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

    7.4. To exercise your rights, you can write to info@pleodigital.com or call +48 570 945 791

    7.5. We would like to kindly inform you that we may refuse to delete your Personal Data in particularly justified cases, e.g. if you are under an obligation to retain your Data imposed by Polish or EU law or require the necessity to determine, assert or defend our claims.

    08. The requirement to provide personal data

    Providing Personal Data by you is voluntary, but sometimes necessary to contact us via the Website. In this case, please provide the address name, telephone number and e-mail address, without which this Data is not possible to contact you;

    09. Recipients of personal data

    We kindly inform you that the recipients of your Personal Data are the hosting company that we use. In addition, it is possible that the recipients of your Personal Data under Polish or Union law are other public or private entities, but each time it is based on a specific, properly documented and justified request from those entities that we verify.

    10. Transmission of data to third countries

    10.1. Due to the use of services provided by entities located outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, we would like to inform you that we are sending your Data to these countries. In these countries there is no RODO and therefore the transfer of Personal Data is associated with a certain risk. For the sake of your security, we would like to inform you that this data is sent only to countries that have joined Privacy Shield (more: https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/... -outside-eu / eu-us-privacy-shield_pl).

    You have the right to obtain a copy of the Data sent to a third country.

    11. Contact

    In order to exercise your rights, you can contact the Administrator at the following e-mail address: info@pleodigital.com or phone number +48 570 945 791