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IT security and modern communication services.

Apius Technologies


Apius Technologies S.A. is a Polish company that operates on the international ICT market.

Apius is primarily a huge experience and competence. The brand slogan "knowledge that inspires", is confirmed by the company with its highly qualified team and activities promoting knowledge in the field of IT security and IP communication.

Our cooperation resulted in a new visual identity developed by our sister company (PLEO design) and an extensive website.

The image we designed, underlines the technological nature of the business and indicates the high competences and reliability of the services offered by Apius.

a visual key

The colours used on the website are navy blue, mint and white. The colours we chose are clearly associated with the technology industry, but at the same time reflect both the professionalism and experience of Apius. The distinctive typography perfectly complements the visual identification, additionally emphasizing the IT nature of the company's operations.

Interface elements (buttons, pictographs, etc.) were designed based on the geometry and linearity of the Apius brand logo.

menu, search, ask a question

The extensive structure of the site required the creation of a three-stage drop-down MENU. We have tested this complex MENU and refined with the resolutions of mobile devices in the most user-friendly way.

Navigation is supplemented with the "ask a question" tab, which expands on any subsite the module for quick contact. With a short survey, the user can ask a quick question concerning the services.

Searching for information on such an extensive website has been facilitated by creating a search engine that fills the entire screen resolution.

about the company

Apius Technologies is above all a competent and experienced team with an exceptionally positive mood predominating in the company every day. Creating the company image on the internet we have prepared a very extensive tab presenting the APIUS brand. We can learn more about the management, get to know the sum of all employees' years and check what certificates the company's team can boast of.

career and contact

The dynamic development requires from Apius a systematic recruitment of employees for new positions. To facilitate the whole process, we have designed an extensive career module, where the site administrator can add new job offers. The module allows the website user to offer his / her candidacy by completing the form and attaching files such as CV or cover letter.


Services offered by our client are usually very difficult to understand. In order to facilitate the browsing of the offer, we have prepared a series of infographics representing individual services.


The Apius branding project included the preparation of over 100 pictographs visualizing mainly the offer, but also the company statistics.


When designing a website, we do not forget about such details as favicon or (404) error site. In the case of this project, we used the "rain" of pictographs.