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A robot that automates repetitive processes.

Archee - marka ARC Consulting


Archee is a product of the consulting company: ARC Consulting. It is an RPA (robotic process automation) service that allows you to automate repetitive processes in companies using software. Archee helps the team in boring and repetitive activities so they could focus on creative and demanding tasks.

We created a product that is clearly connected with its mother brand (ARC Consulting) in the visual aspect. We have developed a brand strategy, we came up with a name, we developed a visual key, we brought to life brand hero, and finally we developed a super fast GATSBY website.

Just scroll down and meet Archee!

Responsive Web Design

Archee fits at any resolution - and on the smallest it looks great. The main page of the project is a story about Archee, where we use a lot of illustrations and circular graphic elements. The biggest challenge was to transfer the same solutions to much narrower mobile versions. Everything adjusts flexibly to every possible resolution, changing its shape, size and position.

A smaller version of the logo was used on the phones - the avatar of our robot.

Gatsby and PWA

Archee was founded in 2018 and that was the moment when we were delighted with Gatsby technology. We already know that the use of this solution was a hit, and since then we have been implementing all our Internet projects on Gatsby. In short, the website is built on the server in a completely different way (static website), thanks to which everything works insanely fast. More about Gatsby technology here: LINK.

Additionally, Archee has a mobile version in PWA, i.e. a version of a mobile website that behaves like a mobile application. Thanks to this, Archie's website can be added to your phone's desktop just like a regular mobile application.

More about this technology on our blog: LINK

smooth animations

The user experience of browsing the website is enhanced by animations and micro-interactions. Most of the animations on the Archee website were designed by our animators and then placed on the website and transformed by our developers into a website element.

Animation also allows you to solve utility issues and direct the user to the right place on the page - encourage him to click on a given element or simply delight.

brand hero

Archee is a service that helps people with their daily work, becoming an assistant. We decided to make it even more personal and give it some live. That's how Archee turned into a brandhero, helpful, friendly, that anyone would like to work with everyday.

Archie's illustration is an extension of the signet with the logo. Our brand hero was supposed to be a friendly, technologically advanced human assistant. There were several dozen proposals in which we tested a different approach to the eyes and details that make up the nature of the robot. The final illustration shows Archie as spatial and floating. The eyes that are animated on the website and wink at the recipient give a friendly character.

freehand drawings

We knew from the beginning that if Archee was to be the main character of the story about the services offered by the company, we had to highlight the illustrations very much. We have created a series of drawings in which Archee plays the main role and tells about the next competences he has. Each of the drawings was drawn by hand and then precisely defined in close cooperation with the client.

vector illustrations

We scanned the sketches and translated them into a vector drawing in the graphics program. The heroes of individual graphics are placed on a circular stage that closes the composition.

home page - Archee's story

Archee is a service of automating work processes in companies using software (robots). Archee was supposed to introduce the subject in a way that does not deter and simplifies the entire service. The main page is Archie's story about what he does on a daily basis - what services he offers. Scrolling, we look at the next possibilities of the robot presented in the pictures. At the end, there is a call to action that encourages contact.

Archee's components

Archee performs specific tasks that we have called components. Each one was presented with a pictogram, and the whole idea was visualized as a cross-section of the robot with individual components inside it.

academy and case studies

In addition to very individual subpages consisting mainly of illustrations, Archee is also a presentation of case studies and also a collection of articles. These subpages are built of modules that can be freely arranged and added. The flexible way of building subpages is embedded in the CRAFT CMS we use - a very pleasant content management system.

design and technology

Archee is a great example of cooperation between our design department and the development team. Designers built the brand, starting with the name, logo design, illustrations, pictograms and website design. Then the developers implemented the project using Gatsby's super-fast technology, carefully taking care of every detail on the website and implementing lots of animations. Archee was nominated for the Awwwards award - a competition for the best websites in the world: