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AED defibrillators that make the site safe.

HS Medical


HS Medical is a Polish company distributing AED defibrillators.

Space security is a central idea of the HS Medical's image strategy. However simple this idea may seem, on the Polish AED market, this approach is an innovation. Instead of focusing on people in the visual communication, we used photos of various places with a pink square with a sign saying "it's safe here".

For HS Medial, we designed the brand strategy and visual identification (our sister company PLEO design was responsible for the project) and the website.


In the project we use a combination of dark navy blue, magenta and mint colour. Magenta represents HS Medical's energy to save lives. On the other hand, navy and mint calm the whole image and refer to the medical market.

Both typography used on the website and rectangular shapes visually refer to the logo. A characteristic graphic motive are pictographs prepared mainly for the eye-pleasing presentation of the offer.


The dark colour appears as a blend in the pictures - contrasting with the pink square always appearing with a slogan. Such a strong contrast makes the locations presented in individual photos as if they were "sealed" by HS Medical. A pink square is something like a "safety certificate" for a place.

The shape of the "square" appears in many visual solutions on the site becoming a recognizable distinguishing feature of the brand's visual key.


We have prepared a set of pictographs to present the offer in a visually interesting way. We placed them in the drop-down menu and on the subsite with all products.

product presentation

HS Medical mainly deals with the sale of products, hence the most extensive subsites are those associated with the presentation of their range. In addition to the detailed description, the customer can supplement the product gallery, download files or create a form for sale.

Due to the diversity of the range, we have prepared two types of product subsites: the more and the less developed ones, due to the amount of information provided.


The HS Medical brand's message is "it's safe here". Thanks to our client's products, we can feel safe in every location.

And it's the pictures of various places that appear on the banners of subsites. We chose photos of the location where there are large communities of people.

news and knowledge

The brand products of HS Medical save people's lives. Information about each rescued person goes to the "news" subsite, and the practical knowledge about defibrillators and SCA disease state (sudden cardiac arrest) is completed in the "knowledge" tab.

choose AED

There are several factors that influence the selection of the appropriate defibrillator: the place, the recipient or the location of the product. To facilitate the purchase process, we designed the "choose AED" module. The user complements a few simple information and adapts the offer to his individual needs.


Every day in Poland, up to 95 people get Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Without access to early defibrillation, the injured person has no chance of survival.

On the website, statistical data, which are so important for the awareness of the importance of the problem, were presented using pictographs developed by us and visible large typography.

promotional film

HS Medical has prepared a campaign on access to early defibrillation in public places. For this purpose, a promotional video was created, as well as a series of materials informing about the problem. A special subsite was designed for the needs of the campaign.