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Digital tools for conducting meetings in parishes.



NewPastoral to kompletny zestaw narzędzi do inicjowania i prowadzenia spotkań małych grup domowych w parafiach.

is a complete set of tools for initiating and conducting meetings of small home groups in parishes.

The aim of the project was to prepare digital universal solutions for all parishes both in Poland and in the world. NewPastoral allows you to hold meetings in parish groups thanks to specially prepared materials. These are films presenting, among others, the testimonies of people who have experienced something particularly important, moving. Only the parishes registered in the project have access to the films. Materials can be viewed on mobile devices and laptop only after creating an account.

To manage the whole system a web application based on React.js and PHP technology has been created, which all NewPastoral users have access to. At the meetings in parish groups, the materials can be opened thanks to the mobile application we have prepared for the Google Play platform and the App Store.


The website is a presentation of the NewPastoral idea, but also an instruction manual for individual tools provided in the project. The site "opens" the picture taken at the meeting of parish groups. At the top of the site we have designed a logo which, due to its symmetrical character, has been placed in the middle of the MENU bar. The logo looks like it "towered" over the whole site - we wanted to achieve an effect similar to the cross placed on the roof of the church.

how NewPastoral works

Despite the simple assumptions, the number of functionalities of the NewPastoral application may surprise at the first encounter with the project. Hence the infographs explaining the way the application works which are an important element of the website. For the needs of the project, we designed a set of pictographs presenting the main stages of participation in the project. The process is additionally described on separate subpages, where we can also see screenshots from the web and mobile applications.


The heart of the project are meetings of parish groups. NewPastoral on every meeting provides a set of materials: films and texts that lead the participants through subsequent topics discussed. Movie trailers are available to anyone visiting the site, and meeting texts are available online. System administrators can format texts in the editor we have created, which are displayed on the website or are exported to PDF format.

map and starter package

In the NewPastoral project, parishes register first, and only later the participants who would like to create groups. After approval of the a parish by the system administrator, it appears on the map of Poland (or of another country depending on the language chosen). From the subsite of the map, we can choose the parish we are interested in and go to the reporting panel of your participation in the NewPastoral group.

The starter package is the instruction for using the NewPastoral tools. Each of the project's users (parish priest, host, participant) can follow the functionalities available in the particular applications.

join the project

Users log in and register in the project on the level of the website. We have separate registration forms for the parish priest (notification of the parish to the system), host, or participant.

web application

We have developed the NewPastoral user and material management system in the form of a web application. The application has been designed and programmed by us. We used React Js and PHP to prepare this tool.

Depending on the permissions, users have access to various functionalities. The system administrator accepts and adds parishes. It can also freely edit materials made available to users (movies and content). The parish priest and administrator adds groups and takes care of timely access to the content.

For each user we have a different dashboard displaying statistical data about the project and information about the parish to which the user belongs. Data supplemented in the web application are displayed on the website (map of the parish) and in the mobile application.

group management

There is a host in each NewPastoral group. The host is a meeting participant who becomes a representative of a given group and deals with the organization of meetings.

The groups are managed by the parish administrator or the parish priest. Their tasks mainly consist in accepting new host notifications and making materials available in a timely manner. The parish priest can see which groups in the parish are at what stage in the implementation of the program made available by NewPastoral.

The participant can join the selected group via the form provided on the website.

adding groups, users and materials

With the web application you can add new users (or accept their entries added by the website), new groups and materials. The movies added to the application are first placed on the VIMEO platform.

series and content management

The project administrator places content and videos on the server. Then he creates a meeting from individual materials, and from a series of meetings. The series can be combined into series groups.

Access to individual materials is limited to the user in time, but also chronologically. The meeting participant must carry out series meetings which is limited by the system. Access to the series is started by the parish priest or administrator.

mobile application

During the meeting of the NewPastoral group, the meeting participant can view the content by using a web or mobile application. We have designed and implemented a mobile application available for both IOS and Android platforms.

Individual users can log into the application and have access to other information depending on the permissions.

meetings in the mobile

Materials entered into the mobile application (texts and videos) can be viewed by the users after logging in. Depending on the assigned time availability, the user can see a given range of materials. On the application's home page, information about the time of availability for a given video is available.

download the application

The application is available in sklepach Google and App store. We encourage you to join the project and download the mobile application!

digital marketing

After building the product, it's time for internet marketing. After analyzing the behavior of audiences and research on similar initiatives, we decided that Facebook, YouTube and Freshmail would become the main communication channels. With the combination of these tools, we started building the audience from scratch.