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Products created for closeness of the child with his parent.



Zaffiro is a Polish brand that deals with design for children and babies. Zaffiro products go to more than 40 countries around the world.

The slogan "Heart beside Heart" brand presents what is most important for Zaffiro: the closeness between the parent and his toddler - two hearts. In his activities, he cares for this relationship and shows how it can be nursed.

Cooperation with the client included a brand and branding strategy project (developed by our sister company PLEO design) as well as a website and store.


The graphic design is dominated by two emotional trends: charming and serious. The first refers to the Zaffiro business area - the brand offers products for the youngest children. A heart emerges in the logo, we have a lot of oblong and delicate shapes, a large and "nice" typography in the headlines, while the whole is complemented by "drawing" pictographs.

On the other hand, we have seriousness referring to the professionalism and maturity of the brand. The colour scheme is dominated by chilly navy blue and grey, and all visual solutions are orderly and very economical in expression.

pillars of philosophy

The heart at the heart is both the slogan of the brand and the name of the "philosophy of education", a manifesto created by Zaffiro. We have prepared a separate subsite to present the brand's philosophy, each pillar being represented by photography and texts prepared by our copywriting department.


We had the pleasure to co-organize for the Zaffiro brand the photo session and participate in the creative process of its creation. INPHOTO, a befriended company was responsible for the photos For the needs of the photo session we were searching for models with their own children, so that the relationship between them was completely honest. The models were dressed by ZOPHIA, the stylist invited to the project, and the whole session was held in Krakow apartments in a style that suits the brand. The photos were supposed to reflect the relationship between the parent and the child, which is why most of the pictures focus on emotions, but always in the context of Zaffiro's products.

menu and pictographs

After opening, menu on the website takes up the entire resolution. This solution allowed us to place the entire Zaffiro brand offer, to which the user has direct access. Depending on the device, a different navigation system appears.

Each of the divisions of the offer of Zaffiro brand has been illustrated with the aid of linear pictographs.


The presentation of the product is beside the presentation of the brand image, the most important goal of the Zaffiro website. The user can go directly to the image of a specific product, or can browse the subsite with the entire offer.

The product subsite consists of modules that the website administrator can freely edit and change their order.

where to buy?

The website user can check the availability of Zaffiro products both online and in brick and mortar shops. For the purposes of the project, we used a map provided by Google, where the site administrator can mark any store locations.

zaffiro shop

The website presents the brand and, very generally, the entire Zaffiro offer. In connection with a wide range of articles, we decided to transfer the presentation of specific product models to the online store.


By using the services of an external supplier (shoplo platform) we have prepared an online store. We chose the template and adapted it to the requirements of the Zaffiro brand. In addition to graphic banner solutions, we were also responsible for editing all product images.