Digital marketing

Online activity is currently the main source of communication between the customer and the brand. We support companies by building and implementing their strategies and online campaigns.

01. story

communication strategy

Constructing communication is really the construction of the foundation of how the environment will perceive the brand. There is no room for improvisation here. We deeply analyze the needs of the brand and its customers. Precisely analyze every detail based on competition research, briefings, conversation and analysis of the smallest details. We create both single campaign strategies and long-term communication solutions.

monitoring the client's activity network and competition with the Brand24

02. campaigns


We assemble the individual elements of the digital campaign. Using a lot of tools, we create a coherent brand image on the Internet. In cooperation with the client, we implement campaigns, update variables and report monthly achievements. Internet is a change, we create a bridge between the company and the consumer.

fragment of the monthly report for the client

03. creations


We search for the best insights using the design thinking methodology. We follow new products, we love innovations. Our ideas are a compilation of knowledge, experience, freshness and fantasy.

creations of facebook campaign for our company PLEO design.

04. scope of Services

We do not limit ourselves to Facebook. We are everywhere where the customer group of our clients communicates. We focus on valuable content. There is no room for meaningless updates in our campaigns. We enter into a dialogue with users using well-thought-out creations and unique texts created by our team of copywriters.

We analyze, implement and test. We build advertising solutions tailored to customer needs. For this purpose, we use all platforms available on the market (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Freshmail and others). Based on the budget agreed with the client, we create the most effective campaigns, the results of which we continually share.

The optimized website is not only much more valuable for the search engine, which makes it better for positioning, but also for the user who quickly discovers the content that interests him. We perform SEO analysis and audit and implement the amendments we have selected.

Our work is a continuous change. Therefore, continuous analysis and interpretation of data is necessary. We check website traffic, track conversions, and monitor user and competition activities. We collect information, analyze it and draw conclusions.

05. values
we are talking directly about the pros and cons of the campaign. Our clients have full insight into the statistics and advertising accounts of their brand.
we put all our heart into working on the campaign. We are fighting for every new conversion with full commitment
a good campaign must attract attention. We love to surprise with beauty and innovation
marketing must be measurable. We constantly research the results of the campaign, perform tests, analyze the market and draw conclusions

06. technologies

Proven and current technologies

07. Work methodology

The Triple Diamond model

When designing, we use the tools and methodology of Design Thinking. We always put the user at the centre of the processes so that our realizations solve real problems.

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08. realizations
09. numbers
on the market
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the most important
platforms for applications
in the team

10. contact

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