Internet applications

The internet application (web application) is a computer program that runs in a web browser. Digitization of enterprises and more and more interesting services offered by companies require the preparation of advanced solutions which an ordinary website can not meet.

01. usability

beautiful usability

Web applications are increasingly replacing systems used in companies that are installed directly on the computer (so-called desktop applications). We also create applications to improve a company process or give the user the opportunity to use more advanced interactive services (reservations, sale of products and services, etc.)

At the beginning of the application design process, we need to know the product thoroughly. We examine the needs of users and using tools for designing services (persona, empathy map, client's path, etc.) we create the main assumptions of the application. At the centre of the process there is always a user for whom our project must be intuitive and quick to use. Well-designed applications are primarily useful.

Usability is achieved not only by the appropriate placement of elements or other good UX design practices. Usability that is also graphic solutions and animations, which very often determine whether a given functionality is understandable to the user. Our applications are not only wise, but also beautiful.

a fragment of a web application for managing content and users of the NewPastoral project

02. technologies

proven technologies

We have many years of experience and know-how, thanks to which we know how to create timeless projects. We designed in many languages. We are able to choose the right tools and technologies to meet the requirements of your project.

We are up to date with new solutions and changes on the digital market. Our team loves to learn so we always know what to do to make the project up-to-date and innovative. We do not use the help of external developers, because experience has taught us that the best results and commitment we achieve by working together in one place. 

exemplary modal web application related to online banking

03. scope of services

The process of creating a web application is planned according to the design thinking and scrum methodology. We start work with meeting the client and writing down the general assumptions of the project  (its backlog). Then we conduct preliminary research on the internet and collect information from users. Next, we conduct workshops during which, together with the client and using the Design Thinking tools, we create the application scenarios of the application.

Based on the research carried out and based on the previously prepared utility scenarios, we create the information architecture of the entire application. When designing new functionalities, we test them with potential users and with our client. The project has the form of an interactive mock-up available online.

Based on the brand's visual identification design and information architecture, the application interface is created. Each subsequent view is tested by our team, potential users and the client. Depending on the requirements of the application, we prepare the project for subsequent resolutions (Responsive Web Design).

We have on board specialists in front and back-end technologies. This means that we design the application ourselves from the beginning to the end. This allows us to predict exactly the start and end of the project. Our team ensures that each implementation is safe and quick in action.

We can place the finished application on our server or on the hosting provided by the client. After we  hand over the project, we take care of it by developing new modules, responding to new users' needs or adding new graphic elements.

04. values
We design our applications so that each holder can use them efficiently and quickly.
We make sure that each of our projects is properly secured.
Applications should load quickly on any available browser. It is possible thanks to the technologies we use.
We make sure that each of our products is refined in the smallest detail.

05. technologies

tools and technologies that we use.

Our design team mainly uses the Adobe package. We design information architecture in Adobe XD, and graphic design in Adobe Photoshop. When developing the animation, we support Adobe After Effects. Our team includes specialists both in front-end programming and back-end programming. Depending on the project's requirements, we use Angular or React JS technology. Our backend specialists implement projects in PHP and JavaScript programming languages.

06. methodology


Design thinking
+ scrum

Our team includes designers and developers. We have created a work methodology that combines their competences. In the process of creating a website, we use the combination of design thinking and scrum.

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07. realizations
08. liczby
on the market
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technologies used
in the team

09. contact

design a web application with us

Do you want to design a web application with us? Go to the contact and call us. We will advise you and together we will consider your needs.

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