Mobile applications

We all exercise the mobile devices - more often than a laptop. Smartphones have become for us the basic tool of work, communication or entertainment. When designing a mobile applications, we always focus on user experience.

01. usability

usability and animation

Mobile devices are a handy technology that accompanies our everyday lives basically all the time. We use smartphones for organizational, entertainment and communication purposes. That is why the care of user experience is so important in the design of mobile applications.

When creating applications, we focus on their usability. The project must convey the brand's assumptions (a story) and offer the expected functionality. The user experience creates every smallest interaction, that is why it is so important to take care of even the smallest detail.

The functionality of the application is achieved not only due to the appropriate layout of elements, but also thanks to graphical solutions. The right colours can motivate the user to interact, and the animation can decide on the understanding of a given function. We define the effectiveness of the solutions we design by specific tests with the recipient.

animated elements of the NewPastoral mobile application

02. platform

IOS & Android

We design mobile applications for the two most popular platforms: Android & IOS. The finished application is placed by us in the store and made available to users to download. After the official publication of the project, we care for its systematic updating and servicing.

No Alone application prepared for ios and android platforms

03. scope of services

We start work with meeting the client and writing down the general assumptions of the project  (its backlog). Then we conduct preliminary research on the internet and collect information from users. Next, we conduct workshops in the course of. which, together with the client and using the Design Thinking tools, we create the application scenarios of the application.

Based on the research carried out and based on the previously prepared utility scenarios, we create the information architecture of the entire application. When designing new functionalities, we test them with potential users and with our client. The project has the form of an interactive mock-up available online.

Based on the logo design and information architecture, the application interface is created. Each subsequent view is tested by our team, potential users and the client. When designing, we take care of every smallest detail. The most important for us is the usability of the application achieved thanks to the appropriate combination of functionality, graphics, and animation.

Mobile applications are implemented by our team of developers. We prepare projects for the two most popular platforms: IOS & Android We take care that each application works quickly and the data is properly secured.

We can place the application database on our server or on the hosting provided by the client. After we  hand over the project, we take care of it by developing new modules, responding to new users' needs or adding new graphic elements.

04. values
The application must work quickly and reliably. We test our projects until we achieve perfect results.
The usability of the mobile application is obtained through the appropriate combination of technology and design.
We make sure that each of our projects is properly secured.
Each of our applications is refined in the smallest detail. Graphic design is always completed with animations.

05. tools

what do our designers use?

Our design team mainly uses the Adobe package. We design information architecture in Adobe XD, and graphic design in Adobe Photoshop. When developing the animation, we support Adobe After Effects. Our team includes specialists both in front-end programming and back-end programming. Depending on the project's requirements, we use Angular or React JS technology. Our backend specialists implement projects in PHP and JavaScript programming languages.

06. methodology


Design thinking
+ scrum

Our team includes designers and developers. We have created a work methodology that combines their competences. In the process of creating a website, exercise the combination of design thinking and scrum.

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07. realizations
08. liczby
on the market
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application views
the most important
platforms for applications
in the team

09. contact

make your idea for a mobile application with us.

Go to the website of our sister company PLEO design and check our portfolio. We will prepare a brand strategy for you and develop visual identification.

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