The story is really the company brand. These are the characteristics chosen by the consumer while using its services or products. We help various brands create their stories by designing branding and all communication with the consumer.

Every company has its own story to tell.

We use technology to experience it.

01. strategy

brand strategy

Creating a brand strategy is really about discovering and simplifying who our clients are and what their values are. The community that is created around a given company chooses its services not only on a logical and functional level, but above all on the emotional one. The strategy we have developed gives a specific course of action and becomes the basis for all solutions presenting the client's brand.

koło archetypów, narzędzie do projektowania marek

02. id

visual identification

The message of the brand can be easily immediately seen in the visual message. Therefore it is so important to build a coherent and refined graphic identity of the client. We design the logo and the entire visual key based on the assumptions developed in the brand strategy.

projekt identyfikacji wizualnej dla marki Zaffiro

The specifics of visual identification design and brand strategy creation has led us to distinguish a team dealing only with this area. This is how the PLEO design brand which usually starts working with the client was created. The prepared identification and strategy become the basis for the PLEO digital brand, where we design the customer's image on the Internet.

03. scope of Services

Collecting information about the brand, its business environment and the people who create it is the very beginning of the process. By means of the project brief we learn about the company, with implementing surveys and ethnographic research, we reach its customers, and thanks to the research of the Desk Research type we recognize the competition and trends on the market.

We translate the collected data into solutions. We precisely describe the target group and choose the most important values for the company. The result of our actions is the selection of archetype, that is the foundation for the whole image. Only now can we prepare the history of the brand (BIG IDEA), which will inspire and define later actions.

If a brand needs a new product name, a service, or simply wants to change the company's name, we have a team of copywriters at our disposal. Very often, we also develop a slogan of the brand, which in a few words must present the idea of the brand.

When preparing the name suggestion, we always follow its universality and refer to the previously prepared strategy.

Logo is the first step in creating a visual key. This is an extremely important stage because a well-designed sign is memorable and conveys the basic assumptions of the image strategy. The design of logo is always complemented with a book of the sign, which describes the rules of iusing the logotype on all platforms.

Colouring, selection of typography, photographs presenting the brand, graphic solutions that complement the logo are all the visual keys of the brand. The visual identification developed by us is the starting point for the design of graphical solutions in the interactive space.

Photographs and films are a natural development of graphic solutions. Our team will prepare the entire photo session, choose models, compile scenography and will come up with a concept. We always develop photos in reference to the strategic assumptions of the brand.

04. values
creativity and analysis
In the centre of every project there is a man. We design for people, that's why we always need to understand the consumer's needs.
Working on strategy and visual identification requires us to take an analytical and creative approach.
Visual identification results directly from the brand strategy. Graphic design logically refers to the assumptions of the brand.
We refine the projects in the smallest detail. We want to create only unique projects of always unique character.

05. tools

what do our designers use?

When developing a brand strategy, we use tools such as target group, ecosystem map, archetype cards, business model or persona. We mainly use the Pinterest platform to collect inspiration. The strategy is passed on to the client in the form of a presentation containing the entire project process, developed strategy assumptions and guidelines on how to run a brand.

Our graphic designers always start with pencil sketches to later go to the tools from the Adobe package: Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

Logos: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Pinterest. 

06. methodology

design thinking

When designing, we use the tools and methodology of Design Thinking. We always put the user at the centre of the processes so that our realizations solve real problems.

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07. realizations
08. numbers
on the market
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of visual

09. Contact

design your story with PLEO design

Go to the website of our sister company PLEO design and check our portfolio. We will prepare a brand strategy for you and develop visual identification.

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