A website is a service that meets the needs of its users. It is a way of presenting the brand on the Internet, its value and its distinguishing features. We design characteristic websites - each is unique because it always tells a different customer's story.

01. empathy

user experience

The experience of the website visitor has been created by a number of factors. The ease of navigation and the speed of finding information are the basis out of which we start every project. Experience is also a relationship established with the brand. That is why it is so important to express the brand's characteristics using a graphic design and multimedia solutions (photos, videos, animations).

Each company has a unique value that it wants to convey. This can be either an innovative service, a product or a message. At the workshop with the client we are looking for the values, which we later distinguish on the website. The right combination of technology and design means that the user remembers the brand and more willingly uses its services and products. The user's experience is the most important to us.

menu presenting the Zaffiro brand offer

02. story

your story on the internet

We design websites in such a way that they implement all the assumptions of the brand strategy. Our projects are always unique because there are no two identical companies. The structure of the site (UX) and its interface (UI) make always a representation of the brand's value and its characteristics. That is why a coherent visual key is so important and it is possible, thanks to the original photos, a verbal communication dedicated to the brand and taking care of the smallest detail.

author's animated graphics for Amage Systems

03. scope of services

the process of creating the website is planned according to the design thinking and scrum methodology. We start work with meeting the client and writing down the general assumptions of the project. Then we plan workshops, in the course of which, using the Design Thinking tools, we get to know the brand and the general framework of the project. We plan the entire project, and then we implement the graphic part. Then we go to the development part, where we implement the project using the Scrum approach.

Based on the information gathered from the client and its users, and referring to the conducted research, we create the website architecture. We design functionalities and a "site tree" in the form of a sketch. A model is created, which we place on the Internet for testing by our client and potential users of the website.

Based on the brand's visual identification design and information architecture, a graphic design of the website is created. First, we design the main page, and on its basis the remaining subsites are created. We design graphics not only for the laptop version, but also for at least 2 mobile resolutions: a tablet and a mobile. Our designers always care about the purity and functionality of design.

Our developers receive a graphic design. Taking care of every detail, they implement a website adapted to each resolution. (Responsive Web Design). The project is tested on the most important browsers. The entire website is fully editable thanks to our CRAFT CMS content editing system.

We do not use the help of external developers, because experience has taught us that the best results and commitment we achieve by working together in one place

We can place the finished page on our server or on the hosting provided by the client. After we  hand over the project, we take care of it by developing new modules, responding to new users' needs or adding new graphic elements.

04. values
user's experience
We do not use ready-made modules, each of our realization is different
We use design and technology to meet the needs of users.
Each of our websites is designed in Responsive Web Design technology
We choose technology for the project requirements, always the most optimal one.

05. jak pracujemy?

tools and technologies that we use.

Our design team mainly uses the Adobe package. We design information architecture in Adobe XD, and graphic design in Adobe Photoshop. When developing the animation, we support Adobe After Effects. Our team includes specialists both in front-end programming and back-end programming. Our competencies allow us to implement virtually any project.

06. CMS system

content management: CRAFT CMS

UX specialists, graphic designers, developers and, of course, the client participate in the process of creating the website. The satisfaction of the visitor is always the basis. It is for him that we design friendly solutions and direct the message.

At PLEO, we want to make everyone happy. Website administrators and developers as well! For a very long time we have been looking for a CMS that will meet the expectations of everyone and so we found the CRAFT CMS. After many years of working on WordPress, our entire team breathed a sigh of relief. The simplicity of use and the pleasure of coding means that with every project we save a lot of time.

07. methodology


Design thinking
+ scrum

Our team includes designers and developers. We have created a work methodology that combines their competences. In the process of creating a website, we use the combination of design thinking and scrum.

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08. realizations
09. liczby
years on the market
0 +
and easy CRAFT CMS
in the team

10. contact

build your place with us on the internet

Do you want to design a web application with us? Go to the contact and call us. We will advise you and together we will consider your needs.

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